Bojak Bindi Dreaming ADM JDX ADO5 JDO GDX SPDX SD


Chocolate & White......Born 25th September, 2007 Flew with the Angels 20/9/2019

Sire: Bojak Pied Piper (S. Borderstrand Bronze King / D. Zaurora Gypsy Dust)

Dam: Bojak Lovem N Leavem (S. Milangimbi Luv Me Tender / D. Wottapud Highland Fling)

 Agility Titles Attained

18th June, 2010   Jumping Dog

20th January, 2011   Gamblers Dog

15th April, 2011   Agility Dog

30th June, 2011   Strategic Pairs Dog

1st October, 2011   Australian Agility Dog

17th March, 2012   Snooker Dog 

19th  May, 2012  Excellent Agility Dog

1st June, 2012  Excellent Jumping Dog 

17th March 2013 Open Agility Dog

2nd June 2013 Excellent Gamblers Dog

3rd August 2013  Jumping Dog Open

3rd August 2013 Agility Dog Open No. 2

9th August 2014  Agility Dog Masters 

 21st September 2014 Agility Dog Open No. 3

19th September, 2015  Agility Dog Open No. 4

19th September 2015 Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent



 Bindi's success @ the NSW Regional
 Coffs Harbour 1st, 2nd & 3rd June 2012.
Out of 12 runs, there were only two that were DQ'd .  All the rest either ended in Qualifying scores, or over time by a fraction of a second, or just single faults resulting in NQ's .  We are so proud of this little girl, she has come a long way in the last 12 months. 



  September, five years of age,
she is still enjoying her agility & is now up into Masters


"Did I do well, Mum...Did I ???"  "Yes, you did well, my little Fruitcake"

Time to Relax & get a little dirty :)

Enjoying herself out boating on the Bellingen River




She really loved the Loyalty Pet Treat Stall at the Agility Nationals.  She did a taste test & performed a trick of her choosing to show which treat she loved the best.  I think the all natural dehydrated minnows won hands down. 

29th September, 2019
Today we said goodbye to our darling Bindi.  She went downhill fast the last couple of days & it was discovered she had a tumour on her heart & this was putting pressure on her trachea (wind-pipe). Evidently this was also the likely cause of her sudden kidney failure.

Bindi was our first agility dog & 10 years ago, to this date, she & I entered our very first trial (at Coffs Harbour).  Virgin trialers the two of us & our first agility run resulted in a "Q" & third place.  Neil Lester was the judge.

She became known as "The Queen of Distance" & achieved her Open Agility Title 5 times over.  She was never a fast dog, but she hardly ever knocked a bar or missed a contact.  She is now at the Rainbow Bridge with her favourite Judge, Jody Brown. 

We learnt to dance together.  She loved performing tricks & loved the clicker.  She especially loved to show off her tricks for an audience & people & kids everywhere loved her. 

You may be gone, our lovely Miss Bindi girl, but we will never forget you & what you taught us.  You will be in our hearts forever. 

Bojak Bindi Dreaming ADM JDX ADO5 JDO GDX SPDX SD & Australian Agility Dog Title.
Just 5 days short of your 12th birthday   xxxx