Borderiver Triple Choc Twix

Borderiver Triple Choc Twix (Chocolate Tri) @ 3 months
Born: 15th February, 2019

Sire:    Dunwurkn Heart & Soul (S. Dunwurkn Logical Intent /  D. Dunwurkn Without A Doubt)
Dam:     Borderiver Triple Kahlua (D, Borderiver Fire Flyte / S. Dunwurkn full of Antics) 

Jaxon (blue collar) on his First Play Date with Isla

When asked to describe Jaxon's character, my reply is simply this.  "We have never had a border collie quite like him before & it is a challenge to stay one step ahead of him. He is super smart, super affectionate & super naughty."  He loves to learn & can't get enough, however he thinks that everything is out to trick him.  He should have been in a circus.

In November 2019, we had dreadful fires throughout NSW & on the 8th November, we came very, very close to losing our home in a wildfire, saved only by a change in wind direction.  Two days later, catastrophic fire conditions were forecast again & we were advised to evacuate.  I had packed the car with the dog essentials & a few personal things.  As you can imagine we were very stressed & I was on the verge of tears.  All ready to go...where is Jaxon?? Jaxon had helped himself to Murray's hat, tore a hole in it, got it on his head & was running around the back yard in the smoke, teasing Cricket & trying to get us to chase him for it.  He made us laugh so much we almost wet ourselves. Jaxon you are a clown...lucky we love you !!