An Introduction to Clicker Training


My first introduction to Clicker Training, was when I attended a weekend workshop for "Dancing With Dogs", along with my two year old, border collie, Bindi.  When the instructor demonstrated a shaping session with one of her was like...WOW...can I really do that???  Her dogs had been entirely clicker trained in the sport or Canine Freestyle. I have been hooked on clicker training ever since. 

 One of the best things about clicker training, is that it not only teaches the dog a behaviour that it will never forget, but that it is heaps of fun for both you & your dog. By shaping a behaviour  using a clicker, the dog will learn up to 50 % faster than any other method, including using your voice as a marker. So get clicking & enjoy the journey together.....your dog will thank you for it :)

I did a "Clicker Training for Beginners" demonstration  at my local Dog Obedience & Agility Club & so, put together the notes in the following link (PDF Format).  I hope that the notes may at least encourage you to give clicker training a try & that it answers any questions you have always wanted to ask about CT.  It is not at all difficult & has so many applications, for training your dog in obedience, agility, canine freestyle, party tricks, hunting, tracking, the show ring or just plain good manners.  It is also a very successful tool for correcting behaviours, such as reactivity, barking,
jumping up, running away, distractions & even dog aggression (in the right hands)

 Click here for Introduction to Clicker Training (PDF File)